Mondaze #15 – 1.21.13

21 01 2013

ImageEpisode 15

Twas Monday, Jan 21st 2013. MLK day and Gregory Jaymz hit the decks delivering some house sounds on vinyl, cd and mp3. What came of it of is the mix you are about to enjoy – 90 minutes of house music with salute to the Doctor himself. Enjoy the sounds and we will catch for the next Mondaze mix.

Mondaze #14 – 8.11.12

11 08 2012

mon14Episode 14

Waves crashing. Moonlight illuminating the dance floor. The sounds of nature past the 2am hour. Slowly your friends and strangers gather on the beach, the after hours is buzzing with energy. No labels, no cover, no worries. The gentle hum of a generator is heard and the unmistakable sounds of a dj dropping a needle to record crackles over the sound system. This Mondaze episodes encompasses this type of party. The deep, late night excursions so many house heads of days past recall. Take off your shoes, find a patch of sand and enjoy the deepness. This is true house music.

Mondaze #13 – 7.2.12

2 07 2012

mon13Episode 13

House Epidemic breaks free of our traditional Mondaze series to bring you THE summer BBQ soundtrack. Prepared for the July 4th American holiday, this mix is loaded with funky, jazzy, groovy beats to bring your summer BBQ to a new level.

Put this mix on, light up the grill and grab a cold one – its time for a summer BBQ, the House Epidemic style.


Mondaze #12 – 6.18.12

18 06 2012

mon12Episode 12

Summer is heating up and so are we at House Epidemic. This podcast starts you off with sounds from the early night – jazzy & funky and evolves into the tech house side of the spectrum before moving to some familiar jackin’ funky house cuts before finishing with some a twist of outstanding darker beauties. Gregory Jaymz keep the energy up to match the heat of summer. This should help keep your feet moving through the work week until another weekend is upon us. Cheers!

Mondaze #11 – 6.11.12

11 06 2012

mon11Episode 9

It’s been a few months since we’ve added a new podcast. Life keeps us busy, here at House Epidemic! But alas, we have returned. This episode, Love Returns, mixed by Gregory Jaymz, is focused on the theme of L-O-V-E. Gregory hit the decks to mix a dedication to his finance, Dawnmarie, whom Gregory says his world would be a much darker place without.

Please enjoy these sounds of house, that range from deep, to disco, to funky with a twist of acid… The styles may vary, but the theme does not. Enjoy Mondaze Episode 11 and we will return in July.


Mondaze #10 – 2.6.12

6 02 2012


Episode 10

Whoa – you aren’t seeing things. After 21 months of silence, the House Epidemic podcast is back! Gregory Jaymz revives the House Epidemic Mondaze mixes for your listening and boogying pleasure.

4/4 beats are a plenty in this mix of deep, tech and house grooves. The sounds of a dimly list warehouse will surely brighten your day and get those toes a tappin’.

We will catch ya next month, until then – House Music!

Mondaze #9 – 5.3.10

3 05 2010

HE_podcast9_200Episode 9

Gregory Jaymz has returned with another breathtaking mix for House Epidemic. This is a welcome to the summer season. Imagine the first record hitting the groove right as the sun sets and the sounds that follow bring you into a beautiful outdoor night. The mix starts on the deeper side, but wraps up with some head bobbin’ funky beats. You’ll forget its a Mondaze morning and think its a beautiful Saturday night. Sounds great huh? Well, enjoy the mix. Pass the mix along to friends. Remind your friends to subscribe to our mix and enjoy the music. This is house music, this is Gregory Jaymz, this is your Mondaze mix for 5/3/2010.